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Contact the Senate and Urge them to Pass Medical Freedom Bills!!!


With only three weeks or so left in this year’s legislative session please email or call your senator, Majority Leader Jack Whitver, as well as the entire senate and ask them what they are doing to pass legislation that restores the rights Iowans have lost the past two years? Ask them to pass HF2298 which would prevent COVID vaccines from being required for school and childcare facilities and maintain it being a parents choice.

When talking in person or via email with your legislator:

-If you are a constituent of the legislator begin your email/conversation with that.

-Briefly in a few sentences share your story of how your privacy has been violated by having to disclose private health or religious information.

-Briefly, share your story of discrimination, segregation, or denied service that you have experienced because of that information.

-Inform them of why you would like to see them pass bills that protect medical freedom (HF2298-preventing covid vaccines from being required) or restoring the medical freedom lost the past two years.

-Share with them any helpful information that you feel may aid in their decision.

-Put your name and the town you reside in at the end if you are emailing.

The Senate chose to wait on the Medical Privacy and Freedom Act and chose to not move along medical freedom bills that could have aided Iowans with obtaining access to alternative treatments for COVID, increase data to VAERS to improve safety, improve the informed consent process, etc. It’s time to save our legislators from their own demise in the upcoming elections and encourage them to pass bills that RESTORE Iowans’ rights and liberties. After all…. “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights we will Maintain!” Either we mean it or we get rid of it as our motto.

Please contact Majority Leader Whitver and ask him to call HF2298 to the floor for a vote as well as bring forward legislation that restores the medical privacy and rights that existed before COVID:

Please contact the full senate and ask them to support these bills!

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