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Save the Date

October 19, 2024



Members and supporters of Informed Choice Iowa (ICI), a non-profit, true grassroots organization, understand that taking a stand for health freedom (specifically vaccines) can isolate you from friends and family… because it happens to us, too. We know there’s value in bringing people together to facilitate comradery as well as an opportunity for education and encouragement. To do this, we are excited to be holding our 5th annual conference.


As with previous conferences, we strive to present quality, timely, and truly scientific information that can be easily understood and applied to real life situations we are currently facing.  



A growing public health concern is the plethora of debilitating and life-altering chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases plaguing our population.  The rise in these issues coincide with the drastic increase in government “recommended” vaccines.


When the goal is to be as healthy as possible, there is so much to consider. Recommendations and new medical discoveries continually change our view of optimal health.  Since health is in a constant state of discovery, ICI exists to:

  • Create a community of support and healthy dialogue

  • Provide you with information and tools to help you navigate medical mandates or coercion that could potentially have negative consequences to your health

  • Provide current and relevant information to help you to make informed decisions

If these represent
goals for you, too, we hope you will join us on

October 19, 2024!

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