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At Informed Choice Iowa, we strongly believe in the power of grassroots activism. No matter your skillset, family situation, occupation, or location, we have a place for you! Join a community group and see below for volunteer opportunities needed! 



Our elected officials are often on information-overload at the capital during session and OUR urgent and important information can become lost in the process. They’re listening to mainstream news. They have numerous other lobbyists and organizations bombarding them with information. And they struggle with proper context for the information we are giving them. What’s the solution?


In order to be effective we must adjust our strategy. We must share our own personal stories, news articles, studies, and data with them all year long. It can’t come from the few who can make it to the Capitol to lobby. It must come from you - their constituents! This is why we MUST build tight-knit local community groups who can partner with us to distribute timely and pertinent information from ICI. We all must come together now, strategically and effectively, with persistent and coordinated action, to advise legislators how they can best represent us, their constituents.

Want to attend a legislative town hall meeting but are scared to go alone? Want to send an email or call your legislator because you’re frustrated with the direction our state and country are going but don’t know what to ask or say? Want to host an informational meeting and invite family and friends to learn more about the vaccine industry? Want to walk in a parade to distribute medical freedom literature? Or meet up with like-minded friends for some good, old-fashioned fellowship? Or something as simple as a park playdate with the kids?


We have team leaders ready to get you plugged in! Please reach out to our community leaders, meet them during lunch and help us help you in your local community and become an effective activist for medical freedoms!

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