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Civil Rights Complaints


Current Excuse: If a legislator tells you the current circumstances are not that big of a deal because only 2 civil rights complaint have been filed that they know of, challenge them with this.

Response: Do you know the process of filing and what the protected classes are that should be reported? According to sources at the Iowa Civil Rights Commission:

“The commission has received 100’s of emails -

1. a reportable violation doesn’t occur until denial of your exemption.

2. Not everyone feels comfortable using “religion” as an exemption for making choices regarding their conscience- so there is confusion about when right are violated.

3. The Code doesn’t clearly define what is a reasonable accommodation.”

If you are experiencing discrimination, segregation, denial of service, or a denied exemption due to your exemption status please file a complaint with the civil rights commission.

We are getting this excuse a LOT and it is just that an excuse! It does not get our elected officials out of doing their primary job, which is to protect our rights. We will be discussing this and more later today on our weekly Friday LIVE.

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