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Get out to vote (JUNE 7TH) because FREEDOM IS ON THE LINE!!!

Medical freedom is on the line and we need you to show up and vote! Primaries have a much smaller turnout than general elections so please make a plan to go vote and encourage your friends/relatives to go and support our medical freedom allies! If your district does not have a good candidate that truly supports medical freedom, do NOT hesitate to write someone else in. View our helpful tips below, as well as the grassroots candidate endorsements and our report cards on our website for help in making your decision. It’s time to do our part and elect new representation in Des Moines and in DC!

  • To find your precinct visit:

  • To view a sample ballot visit your county auditors website and click on the sample ballot for your precinct location

  • Voting tomorrow is from 7AM- 8PM

  • Bring your ID!

  • If your child will be 18 by the November General Election, remember they can ALSO vote in the Primary!!!

  • If you wish to change your party registration you can do so at the voting location!

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