Healthcare Workers Standing Up + Speaking Out

A [fully vaccinated] doctor wrote a letter to the FDA & CDC about what appear to be severe Covid vaccine injuries she has personally treated. She has received no response. Siri & Glimstad lawfirm are standing behind her urging the FDA & CDC to respond.

A Physician's Assistant (PA), Deborah Conrad, was interviewed about her more than 120 VAERS reports in her small town rural hospital where she was ultimately fired for bringing attention to the vaccine issues & appearing "anti-vax".

Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse at an Indian Medical Center within the department of Health & Human Services, was interviewed about the lack of reporting potential covid vaccine injuries within her facility (a government facility). She was put on administrative leave.

3 brave healthcare workers of many out there trying to get their stories out. They're coming for the kids next. As more & more people stand, the closer we will get to ending this. STAND.

Read the letter here:

Watch Deb's interview here:

Watch Jodi's interview here:

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