This is Sad, Axne

Sadly, the intolerance and contempt displayed by Congresswoman Axne for those of us making informed health decisions or who hold strongly held religious beliefs is not surprising to us. With Iowa democratic leaders such as Auditor Rob Sand and Congresswoman Axne, along with mainstream media running stories or making comments focused on attacking religious exemptions it is clear the left intends to target religious liberty next under the guise of “safety”.

What is surprising to us is how some elected officials in the statehouse who campaign on Christian values and persuade Iowans to vote for them as a conservative candidate then turn a blind eye once in office. They failed to pass religious or medical freedom bills or even minimal safety data gathering legislation. Exemptions and religious liberties are being attacked across the nation, if the infringement on bodily autonomy and religious liberty doesn’t compel them to act now, what will?

Similarly, where are the churches and religious nonprofit organizations who claim to champion these issues as well? We have a small group of religious leaders that are extremely supportive but generally speaking not many have spoken up and taken a STAND against the discrimination and mandates Iowans are currently experiencing. If your favorite “faith-based” organization hasn’t taken a stand on this issue, perhaps reevaluate the value of your donations.

The Iowa Standard Article :

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