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Updated: Feb 13

This year we changed the way lobbying will work.

We thankfully have wonderful advisors experienced with the Iowa political climate and it was recommended that a consistent presence at the Capitol was necessary rather than just single day large events/rallies. So we will need EVERYONE to get involved in the process and go talk to your legislators or specific committee members at the Capitol! We will equip you with the information you need to go speak with legislators giving you the flexibility to go lobby when it works for you. If you would like help the first time you go, we will do our best to accommodate your chosen time and join you at the Capitol.

Bills will change and move quickly so we will do our best to keep the information updated so you know exactly what needs to be discussed and when. We thank our wonderful friend and volunteer Mandee for putting this together for not only our community but for all Iowans.

Hopefully this will make it an easy and informative process for everyone to feel empowered to go speak to their elected officials!

For more information on the status of bills we are tracking, talking points, and sign up information, you may visit this document.

Shortcut to the sign up form.

Additional information on Lobby Days can be found here.

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