Project Veritas + ICAN reveal details regarding COVID origins + Early Treatment

To read the full DARPA document.

Commandant Marine Core Major Joe Murphy, fellow at DARPA

On August 13, Major Murphy penned this report to help advise the USMC on the mandates regarding the COVID-19 vaccine using the Ecohealth Alliance project proposal as evidence as well as his experience while at DARPA. If this information that he has provided is true then it creates many questions as to why the agency did not disclose these findings to the public, especially the early treatment protocols that had been found effective.

Major Murphy’s report lays out how the virus’ origin is Lab made.

DARPA rejected the proposal from EcoHealth Alliance but NIAID, the organization Dr. Fauci oversees, accepted it.

Another part of the Major’s report was on how official knew early treatment protocols work and that they knew early in the pandemic:

He also made the statement that officials knew medical countermeasures like mRNA vaccines and masks don’t work. They also highlighted how mass vaccination campaigns could cause gain of function back to a more de-attenuated form of the virus and therefore more dangerous.

In April of 2020 when the program was shut down the principal investigator tried to conceal the sequences of the chimeras from being disclosed in the genetic sequencing database known as Genbank:

EcoHealth Alliance Proposal corroborating Major Murphy’s hypothesis of origin and known early treatments with interferon alpha (IFNα), which many drugs currently on the market can play a role in modulating including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

HAE= Human Airway Epithelial Cells RBD= Receptor Binding Domain

A sample of studies highlighting the IFN alpha capability of multiple drugs and the known anti-viral capabilities of ivermectin.

Additionally the Informed Consent Action Network recently received additional unredacted emails from a FOIA request that indicate early in the pandemic, February 2020, chief government officials believed there could be a lab origin to the outbreak with some being 70/30 or 60/40 percent sure that it was derived in a lab and not of natural origin. Dr. Fauci received those emails and weighed in by pushing more attention go to the evolutionary theory from nature rather than placing attention on the Wuhan Lab (WIV).

Emails in early February regarding possible lab origin:

Emails steering the conversation towards evolutionary origin only:

Follow up from indicating the White House has adopted the discussion centered on an evolutionary origin:

The Lab origin theory continued to pop up, especially amongst other scientists around the world, and so Tony asks staff to handle them.

Emails obtained on March 2 for media requests show the talking points will focus on the join mission between WHO and China to study the “natural history and severity of COVID19” and not any possible lab origin.

Again, when others in the Secretary of State’s office questioned the safety mechanisms in place at the WIV let alone the joint research being conducted there, Dr. Fauci asked his staff to handle this.

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